Modernize & Automate Document Workflow

Replace traditional paper flow with automated, rules-based processes that prompt for approvals and issue alerts so nothing falls through the cracks.

Transform weaknesses into competitive advantages with ContentSuite360’s Workflow Management Module’s business process management (“BPM”) and workflow automation (or business process automation, “BPA”). Automate Accounts Payable, Contract Management, Work Order Management, and many other business processes, to dramatically increase business productivity and accountability.

The Workflow Management Module knows all steps for and within a procedure and automatically determines whether the process is ready for the next step. It is equipped with all the tools needed to maximize service levels, increase speed, eliminate manual labor costs, and the errors associated with manual processes.

ContentSuite360 combines business process management and workflow automation with records and email management, enterprise search, e-discovery, document management, electronic forms, and scanning + advanced capture. This enables the automation of business processes within the accounting, legal, HR, operations, marketing, and other departments.


  • Easily manage workflows and track the progress of work with a single click of the mouse
  • Automate Accounts Payable, Contract Management, Work Order Management and many other business processes.
  • Submit workflows with the required items already attached. Others can attach or remove items during the workflow process
  • Employ comprehensive security protocols to ensure that only individuals or groups named in the workflow have access to your enterprise’s information assets.
  • Support industry standard Digital Signatures on documents in the workflows

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