Records Management – Secure Storage, Retrieval & Destruction

Retrieve and manage any bit of information your company has in the time it takes you to read this page. Delivering comprehensive lifecycle management of records from creation to disposition.

ContentSuite360 helps you simplify the management of the entire document life cycle – creation, use, retention and disposal. You create your own processes governing the storage, retrieval, dissemination and destruction of your corporate records. And it all happens in an instant.

Failing to preserve these records is a liability – so is saving them longer than necessary. What’s more, finding the evidence of business decisions, transactions and obligations when you need them is usually easier said than done. Hours of productivity – even weeks ·or years – are wasted searching through file cabinets and servers.

With ContentSuite360, you have the assurance that the quality, functionality, dependability, and security features are thoroughly tested, maintained, and approved of the mandatory corporate governance and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Records Management Software

  • Intuitive user interface, remarkably familiar to any user accustomed to Microsoft products
  • Provides comprehensive lifecycle management of records from creation to disposition
  • Painlessly unifies the corporate records management function by connecting and managing all of the information contained in an organization’s various repositories
  • Reporting and auditing tools are included to enable organizations to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

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