Document Imaging Service

WareITis’s document imaging service improves workplace efficiency and frees up inventory storage by decreasing the amount of paper files being used

By converting paper to digital files, you provide yourself with an efficient, secure and productive way of managing your information. At WareITis, our state-of-the-art Document Scanning and Imaging Services can help move your office into the Digital Age and out of the Paper Maze. With no project being too large or too small, we can easily scan your paper documents directly into your information management system.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Document Scanning and Imaging Service

  • Use intelligent keyword indexing and search functionality features with state-of-the-art integrated OCR technology
  • Document text indexing functionality that facilitates accurate and efficiency e-document retrieval as required
  • Flexible scalability from small, single-document tasks, to large, multi-document imaging projects
    Keystroke recording and project time to facilitate job chargeback and to monitor efficiency
  • Convert documents to unalterable PDF format to preserve the authenticity of the original document
  • The secure image annotation protocol facilitates the appending of “not modifiable” footnotes to e-images as desired, while preserving the authenticity of the original image
  • Easily customizable, with intelligent templates for metadata extraction

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