WareITis focuses on making sure you get the most out of your software investment, and provides Records and Information Management consulting (RIM) from Experienced RIM Professionals

Records and Information (RIM) software implementation works best when paired with proven and benchmarked RIM practices. Our RIM professionals manage millions of records every day, and we understand the amount of time and money used in every phase of a project, and how much is saved when using a well planned RIM program.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s RIM

  • Provide practical and intelligent assistance in regard to your RIM initiatives
  • Conduct an enterprise and/or organizational records management analysis to help your develop a cohesive RIM program for your company
  • Provide consultation and training in Records Management Best Practices methods
  • Assist in the development of Enterprise and/or Corporation Retention programs
  • Provide assistance and training in the functionality, operations and logical application of ContentSuite360’s Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)

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