Email Management has Never Been Easier

The most comprehensive way to search, use and archive email.

Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art content  search technology, ContentSuite360’s E-Mail Management module is the fastest and easiest way to locate the exact document, image, or nested attachment that you need. By simplifying the process, our email management software allows for efficient and effective content management.

Receive. Reply. Forward. Forget. Email doesn’t have to work this way.


  • Integrate your corporate email server system for comprehensive content control
  • Access archived corporate emails on any number of email servers
  • Use keyword or advanced search capabilities to find content or attachments.
  • View emails and attachments directly from the ContentSuite360 interface
  • Attach emails and their attachments to existing items within ContentSuite360
  • Lock and secure emails in an unalterable state
  • Tag and classify emails automatically to categorize and retain in accordance with organizational policies

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