Document Scanning & Conversion

Allows records and documents – from a single page to thousands of pages – to be scanned, indexed and converted to digital documents.

Using state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the Imaging Console of the module’s scanning software can convert even obscure and unclear documents into a reliable electronic copy.

Extract pertinent text that can be used as metadata for easy location and reference in your electronic document library: Identification, Indexing, and Digital Storage.


  • Select manual or automatic data extraction from pre-defined and included templates
  • Annotate your document images while preserving the original in its original format
  • Convert paper documents into the electronic format of your choice, like PDF or TIFF
  • Capture and Account for Time and Keystrokes for billing and efficiency purposes
  • Generate indexing and creation reports to track daily progress in large conversion projects
  • Import previously created document images for indexing without having to scan them again
  • Reduce duplicate documents and maximize storage space with document versioning control

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