ContentSuite360’s built-in imaging document management software aids in increasing productivity for construction document management.

As a state-of-the-art enterprise content management software, ContentSuite360 provides a solution for both physical and electronic records. Its built-in imaging and workflow is designed to meet the needs of any business, and allows for the merging of paper and electronic documents.

The ContentSuite360 management software enables its users to image, file, locate, and retrieve any form, document, or data that is created or received – regardless of format or repository location. Built on the latest Microsoft stack technologies, the software is tailored for use by one or more individual departments within any organization.

ContentSuite360 drives department productivity within the enterprise. Our document management and workflow solutions (including accounts payable, human resources, and contract management) will automate manual business processes and reduce costs.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Construction Solutions

  • Reduction in departmental operation costs
  • Merge physical and e-files into a single content management view by using our Imaging Studio capabilities
  • Allow for collaborative communication with other departments + manage levels of access

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