Property Management & Real-Estate

ContentSuite360 removes the paper from your processes and streamlines your workflow

ContentSuite360’s makes sure information is available when you need it. With a powerful, easy-to‐use, suite of services you can quickly automate and access your documents from anywhere, any time gaining instant efficiencies.

With a single search, you can locate all relevant documents through the use of powerful Enterprise Search and Intelligent Document Linking Technology. This allows you to resolve complex issues without delay, providing faster and more comprehensive support.

ContentSuite360 provides a collaborative environment and an easy way to share reports and legal documents. Automatic alerts can be created and distributed in order to monitor critical milestones and dates.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Property Management Solution

  • Real-time tracking of critical documents
  • Automated alerts to monitor critical milestones and dates
  • Custom and easy to use workflows
  • Version control
  • Audit Trail Functionality

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