ContentSuite360’s e-document discovery software streamlines confidential document management for legal departments

With the explosive growth of unstructured data and increasing government regulations, accurate records management and documentation is critical.

ContentSuite360 by WareITis Technologies uses records and document management software to provide legal departments with the tools needed to support e-discovery, resolve conflict, and more by effectively managing all of their electronic and physical data and documents. Save both time and money by managing all your enterprise records with ContentSuite360

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Legal Department Solutions

  • Create custom workflows quickly without IT involvement – no programming needed
  • Improve management and automation
  • Easily integrate with existing applications and repositories
  • Merge paper and e-documents into a single content management view
  • Generate and save search reports with our Smart Workspace technology
  • Facilitate Electronic Document Discovery (“EDD”) with our Advanced Search Functionality
  • Secure documents and information using a highly flexible security matrix
  • Monitor important deadlines and events and generate alerts
  • Facilitate maintenance on contracts and log modification and access history

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