Customer Service

A company’s reputation and ability to attract and retain customers depends primarily on one thing: its service levels. Superior customer service is achieved when expectations are not just met, but exceeded. In today’s competitive environment, if you don’t respond quickly to customer issues, your competition will.

Customer Service Representatives must gather large amounts of data (including, but not limited to: customer correspondence, contracts, sales and order history, invoices and payment details, etc.) within a quick time frame in order to retain customer interest. These documents are located in multiple departments and repositories, making them both time-consuming and difficult to assemble. It results in extensive customer “hold” times and unnecessary or failed callbacks.

With a single search, ContentSuite360 can locate all relevant documents through the use of powerful Enterprise Search and Intelligent Document Linking Technology. This allows Customer Service to resolve complex issues without delay, providing faster and more comprehensive support, and leaving with a more satisfied consumer.

Twenty-four hour access through a secure web-portal can provide customers with pertinent documents and reports related to their accounts.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Customer Service Application

  • Swiftly resolve customer issues and inquiries by searching and retrieving information from any source within the corporate enterprise
  • Automatically associate and link all customer documents and incoming correspondence with relevant customer records, eliminating the need for manual intervention or data entry
  • Email, fax, or print requested documents from a single application, without leaving your desk.
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents that lead to customer dissatisfaction
  • Provide customers with secure, 24/7 access to their account documents
  • Eliminate hold time and callbacks
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by streamlining internal processes

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