Accounting and Finance

Growing global competition and current economic circumstances requires companies to lower operating costs and streamline operations. WareITis provides a multitude of solutions to help companies achieve these goals

A popular application within ContentSuite360 is the Accounts Payable Department, the reason being its huge potential for labor cost savings. Currently, Best-in-Class enterprises are excelling in many performance metrics and are able to demonstrate the following A/P performance benefits by utilizing automated solutions:
  • Invoice-processing costs are 83% lower than all other enterprises
  • Invoice-processing cycle times are 80% fast than their peers
According to a recent report by the Aberdeen Group: “Enterprises that automate invoice receipt and workflow management by implementing solutions demonstrate significantly lower invoice-processing costs and cycle times while improving visibility and control over spending and reducing regulatory compliance risks.”

ContentSuite360 builds on this and transforms the A/P function to a source of competitive advantage, generating substantial savings and a large ROI.

Even bigger, “there is more to paperless accounts payable automation than just cost savings; imaging and workflow management solutions promote compliance with business controls allowing A/P staff to focus on more strategic tasks,” said Amit Gupta, research analyst, Aberdeen.

Benefits of ContentSuite360’s Accounting and Financial Solutions

  • Professional document management
  • Advanced Capture, including line item reconciliation from data captured from invoices and assignment to general eldger codes
  • An increase in workflow efficiency
  • Use of electronic forms

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