Information Management for Law Firms

Records Studio software streamlines confidential document management to help law firms

Successful law firms need solutions that allow legal teams to collaborate and manage their documents and records without requiring extensive training and support. While there are many competing systems in this space, Records Studio offers a unique blend of features that make it ideal for law firms to manage their documents and workflows without requiring specialized knowledge or programming.

Records Studio for Law Firms:

  • Create custom workflows quickly without involving IT – no programming needed
  • Increase productivity by encouraging each attorney or paralegal to focus on their cases or workload using our Workspace and Business Process technology. Each role can be provided a readily customizable interface to reduce training.
  • Integrate with existing applications and repositories
  • Merge paper and electronic documents into a single content management view
  • Facilitate Electronic Discovery with our Advanced Search functionality. Advanced search allows multi-lingual, Boolean and wildcard search across many types of libraries, including email and file systems, with or without using metadata. Search specific fields and text with multiple levels of criteria using Boolean operators. Save, update, augment and print your searches as needed. (Eventually fuzzy logic and proximity searches especially within clauses or paragraphs will be necessary)
  • Generate and save automated search reports with our Smart Workspace technology
  • Monitor important contract deadlines and events and generate alerts
  • Secure documents and information using a very flexible security matrix allowing as much or as little access as needed.  Access can be managed at many levels including record series, document types, user, group, department, etc. Searches and other functions are security trimmed to help associates remain focused on their tasks.
  • Facilitate maintenance on contracts and track modification and access history for important documents or folders.