Financial Services Records Management

Records Studio document management software supports compliance objectives for financial services

From banking, insurance and investments to wealth management, Records Studio provides total security and supports regulatory compliance in recognition of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other legal and regulatory requirements. Records Studio is browser-based, allowing branch offices and remote users to interact with a common information management database and leverage consistent workflow and policy management protocols.

Records Studio provides:

  • Audit Trail Functionality
  • Check-in, Check-out
  • Version Control
  • Real-time Tracking

Using Records Studio’s advanced document imaging module, the management of paper-based documents becomes integrated with other e-records to streamline the business processes. Records Studio, the records management module, allows you to manage all of your physical records as well and provides for a seamless means to manage retention, knowledge, and legal hold.

Records Studio solutions :

  • Physical document capture, automated indexing and filing
  • Template presentation and standardization of document field values
  • Appropriate security-level access
  • Consistent retention protocol management
  • Linking disparate repositories of e-content into a single view
  • Establishing department workflows quickly and easily
  • Few available resources for custom development
  • Management and audit controls needed for compliance