Workflow Management Software

Records Studio’s Workflow Management Module’s business process management (“BPM”) and workflow automation (or business process automation, “BPA”) are proven to dramatically increase business productivity and accountability for organizations in every industry. Transform weaknesses into competitive advantages by automating Accounts Payable, Contract Management, Work Order Management and many other business processes.

The Workflow Management Module replaces the traditional paper flow within an organization with automated, rules-based processes. It knows all the procedures, steps within a procedure, and the rules for each step along the way, automatically determining whether the process is ready to move to the next step. It prompts for approvals and issues alerts whenever appropriate, so nothing falls through the cracks.

The Workflow Management Module is a tightly integrated component within the Records Studio suite of enterprise content management software solutions. That means that you have all the tools needed to maximize service levels, increase speed, eliminate manual labor costs, and the errors associated with those manual processes.

Records Studio integrates business process management and workflow automation with records management, email management, enterprise search, e-discovery, document management, electronic forms, and scanning plus advanced capture -enabling the automation of business processes within the accounting, legal, human resources, operations, marketing, and other departments.

Records Studio workflow management software helps you:

  • Easily create new workflows based on your existing business process definitions
  • Submit workflows into the records management software with the required items already attached. Others can attach or remove items during the workflow process
  • Save a draft of your workflow to gather more information before submission into the system
  • Easily manage workflows and track the progress of work with a single click of the mouse
  • Easily locate a specific workflow using Records Studio’s easy to use grouping, sorting and filtering functionality
  • Work more efficiently without letting tasks “fall through the cracks”. A special Workflow Activities pane notifies your users when a workflow requires his or her action. Automatic reminders alert the user until a desired action is complete or the process is canceled or terminated.
  • Employ comprehensive security protocols to ensure that only individuals or groups named in the workflow have access to your enterprise’s information assets.
  • Set notifications for users, groups, periods and methods within the easy to use workflow creation process
  • Set expiration dates if an action doesn’t occur within a specified period
  • Add notes to the workflow for a permanent record of actions and problems during the process
  • Track the workflow with a built-in history tracker

Add, delete or scan-in documents to create a new item from within the workflow