Records Management Software

Records Studio is the ultimate records management suite, providing comprehensive lifecycle management of records from creation to disposition. It is considered the most flexible and adaptable application of its kind. The intuitive user interface, remarkably familiar to any user accustomed to Microsoft products, is extraordinarily easy to use and exceedingly powerful.

Records Studio has been certified compliant by the US Department of Defense (“DoD”), and represents the worldwide “gold” standard in records management software systems. With Records Studio, you have absolute assurance that the quality, dependability, functionality, and security features that are required to establish and maintain effective corporate governance and regulatory compliance initiatives are thoroughly tested and approved.

Records Studio is based on a single, tightly integrated, fully scalable repository allowing companies the ability to leverage content and process management capabilities across their enterprises. Creating and managing file plans (for both electronic and physical records), retention schedules, and information security is a snap. Reporting and auditing tools are included to enable organizations to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Records management is commonly dispersed across an organization, with physical records managed by one or more systems (often through a third-party records storage vendor), with electronic records disjointedly managed and dependent on the available feature sets within unrelated, and disconnected, applications.

Records Studio is the best of the best. It painlessly unifies the corporate records management function by connecting and properly managing all of the information contained in an organization’s various repositories. Leveraging the use of a common platform to accomplish important enterprise-wide objectives, Records Studio integrates records management, email management, enterprise search, e-discovery, document management, workflow, electronic forms, and scanning plus advanced capture with the business processes within the accounting, legal, human resources, operations, marketing, and other departments.