Enterprise Search Software

A recent study showed that Knowledge Workers spend upwards of 30% of their time searching for information. What if you could improve your productivity by 30% or more? Enterprise Search is one of the many ways Record Studio helps you find and retrieve crucial information. Regardless of whether your content is in Record Studio, on a file share, in an email, stored on a NAS or a SAN, our Enterprise Search capabilities can quickly and intelligently find and retrieve your content.

We support a variety of Enterprise Search capabilities including searching in disparate data sources such as Databases, Web Services, Images, and any other document that contains textual information. Our leading Enterprise Search capabilities are built on top of Microsoft .NET providing a flexible and scalable architecture that can quickly be configured or customized tosearch any repository of data. In addition, our solutions provide relevancy ranking based on the search criteria as well as highlighted terms within documents returned in the search query.

Records Studio also supports Advanced Search capabilities such as Boolean Search, Workspaces, Tagging and Metadata Searches and a variety of other features.