Enterprise Reporting Software

The Enterprise Reporting Module of Records Studio – enterprise content management reporting solution

The Enterprise Reporting Module is comprised and fully integrated with all components of Records Studio allowing you to access ALL relevant information for Hold orders and Audit information requests. From complex document management reporting to cumbersome parameter inclusions and specific report queries, the Enterprise Reporting Module can generate any type of report.

The Enterprise Reporting Module of Records Studio enables you to:

  • Use a multi-tiered, multiple criteria report generation system that utilizes and can access all of your stored documentation
  • Create report templates for all reports within the System Administration function
  • Employ Quick Reports to generate commonly used reports based on a given template
  • Archive old reports until they are no longer required
  • Search, group, sort or filter current or archived reports for easier location of the desired report
  • Modify and design reports to meet almost any change requirement with the included WYSWYG Report Designer
  • Easily print barcodes for physical items and labels
  • Create reports in popular and easily transmittable formats such as PDF, MHT and XML.
  • Email reports directly from the Report Wizard
  • Instantly view reports in the format in which they were originally created
  • Create unlimited customized reports (indexed by parameters such as component type, component location, document author, records activity, etc.)
  • Generate comprehensive reports based on users or organizational requirements
  • Support organizational requirements, such as discovery requests or internal records auditing projects, with detailed records content indices