Email Management Software

Records Studio Email Management – seamless enterprise content management software solution

Records Studio’s Email Management Module simplifies and streamlines the email management process by integrating it into the Records Studio┬árepository. This allows for efficient and effective content management.

The Email Management Module’s software is equipped with the latest content search technology.┬áThis Records Studio module is the fastest and easiest way to locate the exact document, image or nested attachment you need.

With Records Studio’s Email Management Module you can:

  • Integrate your corporate email server system into a simple but feature-rich electronic document management software system for comprehensive content control
  • Access archived corporate emails, calendars and contacts on any number of email servers
  • Be assured that your information is being supported by stringent security and rules protocols
  • Use keyword or advanced search capabilities to find content or attachments. The application easily locates all emails associated with the entered character strings, dates, usernames, etc.
  • Declare and manage emails as corporate records within the records management software repository
  • View emails and attachments directly from the Records Studio interface
  • Attach emails and their attachments to existing items within Records Studio
  • Lock and secure emails in an unalterable state
  • Tag and classify email automatically to categorize and retain in accordance with organizational policies

Avoid unnecessary duplicate records by retaining “one copy” in the electronic records repository.