e-Forms Software

e-Forms by Records Studio

Over 80% of business processes depend on forms. e-Forms is a forms design tool that integrates into your platform without the need for expensive custom programming projects. e-Forms simplifies the creation of highly customizable forms – based on your particular business needs – without the need for technical or IT skills. e-Forms is compatible with Windows 2000 operating systems or higher. The form data are stored in XML format allowing for easy data exchange with other business applications utilized by your personnel.

Create e-Forms through the use of simple template documents and form wizards. e-Forms allows you to easily personalize your forms by adding your brand and logo to your customized forms. Basically, your eForm is a replica of your paper form. e-Forms eliminates the use of paper forms – and the need to fax information – reducing the costs associated with form printing and handling.

e-Forms has a built-in, ready-to-use intelligence system. This provides your form designers the proper tools to set up data lookup and validation, filter data input, perform calculations, pre-populate fields, and execute error checks, just to name a few.

e-Forms provides a built-in form validation process that reduces error and improves data quality; thus, saving time and eliminating extra costs associated with errors. It improves efficiency by minimizing the high cost of exception handling resulting from data input errors.

e-Forms also provides Digital Signature support. You can use electronic signature for authentication and trivial signing purposes to be captured into the form. This is also useful when working with automated workflows through the Workflow Management Module. In addition, our authentication service ensures that your forms are only retrieved by approved users.

Tracking information through the use of an audit trail system, including a complete approval process, is also readily available. The data is captured in a consistent manner and held in a central server. Your stored data can be used for further analysis, saving you time and effort. PDF copies can be generated at any time for further printing and evaluation.