Capture & Advanced Capture Software

Document Capture by Records Studio (Basic Version)

Document Capture by Records Studio is a document-imaging product that combines automated document identification with text recognition. Document Capture automates the indexing of scanned documents for precise storage andretrieval. This can help your business, regardless of size and type of organization; hasten document input and processing, while reducing cost and increasing precision. Document Capture helps you lessen paper consumption and successfully distribute information across your organization.

Document Capture extracts data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to reduce manual data entry; thus, saving time and eliminating extra costs associated with errors. Each document is identified using pattern matching. Document Capture’s data extraction technology standardizes the conversion of e-mail files, image files, and PowerPoint presentations into your business’ vision in a matter of seconds.

Document Capture recognizes new document types instantly. Document Capture provides easy set-up of database lookups to guarantee accurate data. Document Capture is ideal for businesses processing 500 to 1500 documents per day. Document Capture requires minimal set-up and can be installed in just minutes.

Advanced Capture by Records Studio (Advanced Version)

Advanced Capture by Records Studio automates data input from documents to reduce cost and efficiently accelerate document processing. This product reduces intensive document preparation time and manual data entry to simplify document processing and indexing. Advanced Capture is compatible with Windows operating systems.

You can reduce manual data entry by extracting printed material, handwritten documents, fields and bar code data with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Each document is identified using pattern matching, keywords, and rules-based data. Advanced Capture recognizes new document types instantly. Advanced Capture applies advanced validations such as database lookups, calculations, and check sums to guarantee accurate data. Advanced Capture provides advanced reporting, realtime monitoring and other management tools.