Human Resources (“H/R”) Software

People and information are two of an organization’s most important assets. In today’s fast-paced business environment, Human Resources (“HR”) Departments face the challenges of attracting and retaining top talent with limited resources while complying with ever-changing regulations and reporting requirements.

Managing resumes, employment applications, government documentation, background check release forms, employee benefit plan selections, 401(k) plan enrollment documents, annual performance reviews, salary adjustments, promotions, requests for time off, and communication of company policies, and termination related issues can easily overwhelm the best HR Departments. Records Studio helps you manage these demands while improving accountability and the security of confidential personnel and payroll information.

Records Studio’s HR Management Application automates the entire HR process, reducing the amount of paper that must be handled and stored, as well as the time required to perform routine tasks. By using Records Studio e-Forms and workflow tools, HR Departments can add tremendous value and implement best practices by automating business processes.

Instead of searching through file cabinets, numerous systems and multiple data repositories, HR files and personnel information are available with a few keystrokes, accessible only to those with authorized access, across the enterprise and across the world. The HR Management Application can be easily integrated with other internal systems, eliminating data re-entry. Employee web portals can reduce the HR Department’s administrative burden by empowering employees to proactively manage selected information.

Benefits of Records Studio’s HR Management Application

  • Reduce the time required to fill important positions.
  • 24×7 access to employee information to employees and other authorized users.
  •  Automate business processes and improve accountability and compliance.
  • Reduce paper and the time required for manual data entry with electronic forms (e-Forms).
  • Minimize costly litigation and promote consistency and compliance across the organization.
  • Minimize the errors and misunderstandings that adversely impact employee morale.
  • Enhance compliance and maintain audit trails with workflows and electronic signatures.
  • Eliminate lost or misfiled documents and respond quickly to audits and regulatory investigations.
  • Provide unparalleled security over confidential information at multiple levels.

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