Superior technology for records and document management

One Suite of Enterprise Content Management Tools that can support your most challenging information management requirements

Records Studio is built for complete enterprise content management.

Built on the Microsoft® .NET framework, Records Studio provides the most up-to-date and flexible technological interface for records management and electronic document management.

Records Studio:

Includes All the Features of an Independent Document Imaging Software Application
Imaging capabilities are conveniently integrated within the core records and document management applications.

Provides comprehensive, all-encompassing records and information management through advanced systems administration
You have access to all of your corporate information as determined by your system administrator.

Features the Most Advanced Industry-Standard Database
Includes communications encryption to ensure absolute security.

Is Completely Customizable by your own Systems Adminstrator
No matter how your company is organized, Records Studio can be configured to be compatible with your enterprise structure.

Accommodates International Time Zones, Holidays, Weights and Measurements
WareITis ECM Studio is an excellent document management and records management system for global system and can support the technological needs of companies with multiple offices around the world.

Is RFID Ready
Radio Frequency Identification is far superior to traditional bar-code technology for finding physical assets. If you’ve embraced RFID, or if it’s in your future, Records Studio is ready to support your needs.

Automatically Archives Email
When Records Studio integrates with popular e-mail systems, you can establish rules for identifying and declaring specific emails that should be recorded, or you can activate full email archiving and retentionscheduling.