Product Overview

Knowledge is power when it is based on accurate and timely information. Most organizations have lost control over their burgeoning information repositories including documents, emails, spreadsheets, and presentations.

A recent study found that 30% of employee time is spent searching for critical information, and 15% of this information is completely lost. That’s why we invented Records Studio, our patent-pending turnkey solution for enterprise search and corporate content management.

At both enterprise and departmental levels, there is a need to search for and quickly discover all responsive information in the corporate files on any given issue – no matter how scattered within the organization. Corporate and regulatory compliance require strict security. Certain information (but not all) must be made available only to selected employees, vendors, partners and other stakeholders.

Records Studio allows you to extract value from your information and maximize enterprise productivity and profitability.

Key Benefits:

  • Capture, Share, Manage, Route, Search, Preserve & Secure Content for the Entire Enterprise with a Single Solution
  • Automate Departmental Processes – Contracts Management, Accounts Payable, and Human Resources, Etc.
  • Manage & Control Enterprise Risk, Governance, and Compliance Initiatives
  • Quickly Search, Find, Classify and Automatically Link Associated Documents with Enterprise Search & Intelligent Linking Technology
  • Replace Labor-Intensive and Paper-Based Activities with Automated E-Processes
  • Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency with Intelligent E-Forms and Workflows
  • Improve Decision Quality & Outcomes – Manage Issues, Not Paper
  • Eliminate the Cost of Stand-Alone Solutions with One Fully Integrated Platform
  • Powerful and Easy-To-Use – Familiar, Intuitive and Rich Web & Desktop Clients
  • Fits Your Budget – Adopt One Module at a Time or the Entire ECM Suite
  • Easy Deployment – Cloud or On-Site
  • Multi-Language Compliant – Including Double-Byte Alphabet
  • Attractive Cost of Ownership – Rapid Return On Investment
  • Unlimited Scalability – Equally Functional for 5 Users or 50,000