RECORDS STUDIO Industries Served

Content Management Software for Every Industry
Your industry has specific document and content management software needs, which is why we have specific solutions.

No matter what your industry, it is good business to make sure your records are managed, not just stored. It takes more than unmanaged repositories and a cursory knowledge of your industry – it takes Records Studio and the knowledgeable staff at WareITis. Leveraging our records management expertise at Archive America with thousands clients and 30 years of experience, we have the breadth of industry knowledge and specific business processes intelligence to apply our Records Studio solutions to deliver real value and benefits. Our records management module is certified to DoD 5015.2-STDv3.

Imagine software that is so easy and intuitive to use that every department can create their own workflows to support their specific needs; and without involving IT. That’s what Records Studio can do.

Business & Professional Services

Have an easy-to-understand system for managing customer, corporate and employee information across your entire organization – from physical files and file servers to e-mails.

Financial Services

Meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, comply with shareholders, keep track of policies and all relevant client information, quickly and more easily than ever before.


Records Studio software provides a feature-rich information and content management system capable of serving Federal, State and Local governments, including educational and/or law enforcement systems.


Comply with HIPAA by automatically monitoring strict access requirements, and know that sensitive information is stored in a safe, secure and, when necessary, searchable system. Support back office and department content management.

Legal Services

Make sure client files – and those of your own organization – are secure, accurate, searchable and retrievable.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Know where everything is along every inch of your supply chain – from raw materials in one country to end-users in another.