Improve efficiency with RECORDS STUDIO

From administration to employees, records management should be easy, intuitive and adaptive.

Records Studio is the fast, easy content management system.

Records Studio enables you to use the same software, throughout all of your business units, departments and off-site facilities for records and document management. Your entire enterprise has access to vital information in seconds instead of minutes or hours. You’ll enjoy faster movement and/or recall of urgent information requests.

Records Studio:

Efficiently Processes Orders
Quickly and easily facilitate records and information fulfillment requests.

Provides Access from Anywhere
Wireless connectivity via any mobile device gives you access to the system from anywhere outside the office.

Quickly Finds Any Document
Search features can find any document, item, user or location types fast, providing instant access to your electronic documents.

Enables Consistent Management for Physical and Electronic Content
A single repository for all content helps you manage physical and electronic content uniformly – according to rules that you define.

Gives You Total Indexing Control
Includes automatic item configuration and classification.

Features High-Functioning Content Export Capabilities
Easily exports content into user-defined folders from repositories that reside outside the Records Studio Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Captures Web Pages as Records
Integrated Internet browser interface allows you to easily visit and capture website content and save that content as a record of a business transaction within your repository.