Document Scanning and Imaging Conversion Software

Document Imaging Management Module – full featured document scanning and imaging software

The Document Imaging Management Module of Records Studio allows for all records and documents — from a single page to thousands of pages — to be scanned and converted to digital documents.

Pertinent text can be extracted and used as metadata for for easy location and reference in your electronic document library:

  • Identification
  • Indexing
  • Digital Storage

Using state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the Imaging Console of the Document Imaging Management Module’s scanning software can convert even difficult-to-read documents into a reliable electronic copy.

We also offer scanning services that provide speed and accuracy of converting thousands of pages from paper to digital records for easy electronic document management.

Document Imaging Management Module’s solutions:

  • Scan and index a single page or a room full of paper with the same ease
  • Simultaneously scan and extract indexing and categorization data essential for electronic records management and document management
  • Select manual or automatic data extraction from pre-defined and included templates
  • Annotate your document images while preserving the original in its original format
  • Convert paper documents into the electronic format of your choice, like image, PDF, TIFF, TXT, RTF, Microsoft formats, and many others
  • Capture and Account for Time and Keystrokes for billing and efficiency purposes
  • Generate indexing and creation reports to track daily progress in large conversion projects
  • Import previously created document images for indexing without having to scan them again
  • Easily change the scanning quality from within the document management software
  • You have the flexibility to create a file for each page scanned or a single file for all scanned images
  • Easily activate duplex mode scanning of both sides of a document to save time and reduce errors
  • Preview prints of each page
  • Reduces duplicate documents and maximizes available storage space with document versioning control