RECORDS STUDIO Enterprise Solutions

The information management software that turns your content into knowledge

Organize without having to Re-organize

Alone or together each Records Studio module can make your business processing run smoother and more efficiently than ever. You implement the modules that make sense for your business without worrying about whether or not they will work together seamlessly – THEY WILL.

Records Studio modules include:

  • Document Management Software: An easy-to-use, yet secure document / records library provides the management tools and automated “filing cabinet” for all your documents making it easy to locate information when you need it.
  • Workflow Management Software: Create efficient workflows for managing business processes and know where your documents are at any step of the process. If an invoice is moving too slow in the processing flow, you’ll know where it is and have the tools to escalate the process – without having to search for the paper.
  • Records Management Software: Easily manage both your physical and electronic records repositories compliant with your records retention requirements. You shouldn’t require a PhD to make sure your information is compliant in today’s increased regulatory environment. Using Records Studio can help you to breathe easier knowing your information is stored exactly where you expect to be and only accessed by those authorized to do so.
  • E-mail Management Software: Manage e-mail records and documents so you can easily find them when you need them.
  • Document Scanning and Imaging Conversion Software: Turn that room or desk full of unruly paper into organized, digitized files.
  • Enterprise Reporting Software: Easily create comprehensive customized reports based on your users and company’s requirements.

Records Studio is a perfect fit for any business – easily, simply compiling and arranging information without upsetting your existing business process. Essentially, it allows you to organize without having to reorganize.