AP Automation Reduces Costs Implement it without Risk

AP Automation
Studies by independent research organizations like Aberdeen and Gartner have shown that business process automation delivers huge cost savings and gains in efficiency. We can eliminate the risk and allow you to achieve enormous gains.

A free assessment from our experienced team of Business Systems Analysts and Certified Public Accountants can show you how to:

  • Estimate the cost of processing an invoice
    We will perform a business analysis of your accounts payable process. This will help you understand the cost of processing each invoice. We will also propose a new, automated system, using the most advanced data capture technology on the market. Hundreds of customers have reaped the benefits of this leading technology to save tens of thousands or, in the case of larger organizations, millions of dollars per year.
  • Achieve savings of $20.00 or more per invoice
    An Aberdeen study published in May of 2011 shows that for 80{421f4e95f87e99b33518deb219d4143eae1e1dc44d40551900f56533b4c317a2} of the companies, the average cost to process a single invoice is between $15.61 and $38.77, while for the top 20{421f4e95f87e99b33518deb219d4143eae1e1dc44d40551900f56533b4c317a2} Best-in-Class companies, this average cost is only $3.09 per invoice. Learn how you can achieve this Best-in-Class status by automating the AP process using the technology that many of these top performing companies are using.
  • Calculate Payback and ROI
    Our team of accounts payable automation experts will work with your organization to provide a Return on Investment analysis to facilitate the decision-making process.
  • Mitigate Risk and develop an implementation plan
    As part of the assessment, our team will provide a project plan showing the main tasks for the AP Automation implementation project.
    • Leverage the Records Studio platform for Contract Management, AR, HR and many other applications to increase your ROI
    The same platform can be used to streamline any other document-centric business process in your organization, without the need to invest in additional software licenses.