Cost Effective

When you increase your management effectiveness, you decrease your overall costs and increase revenue.

Cost Effectiveness

Pay only for the modules within Records Studio that you need, improve the speed and efficiency with which things get done, and you’ll save money across your entire organization.

Records Studio:

Is a comprehensive software package that comes with a web-hosting module that utilizes a single source repository, minimizing your hardware costs. And, because it deploys easily and readily across your entire enterprise, there is no need for specialized computers for your users.

Integrates barcode/RFID functionality which minimizes content entry errors and makes locating records easier than manual methods.

Has the most advanced, full-featured imaging console so that you only need one system; never having to purchase separate imaging and scanning software.

Facilitates wireless connectivity from a scanner, PDA and/or smartphone to efficiently locate and audit circulating files in, or from, any remote location, saving time for all.

Reduces lost time costs with instantaneous ordering and prioritization, including drag-and-drop of records components for order request fulfillment feature.

Provides built-in customizable reports to suit the needs of specific individuals, business units and/or departments.