Complete compliance. Complete confidence.

Comprehensive corporate or government compliance is fast and easy

Ensure compliance with Records Studio document management software.

When you establish a records and information management program, you have the basis for your organization to comply with corporate policies or governmental regulations. Records Studio makes it possible to easily conform to those requirements, offering complete and efficient security at all levels and modules.

With Records Studio, you can:

Choose the Appropriate Retention Term and Corresponding Records Series 
Ensure that proper “end of records lifecycle” procedures are carried out according to established policy.

Ensure Comprehensive Records Destruction
Generate a detailed report of destruction proceedings and get an accurate and concise audit trail.

Uniformly Manage All Record, Document and Information Types
Apply records retention and destruction settings to all the physical and/or electronic files in your repository and manage all other documents in an organized fashion.

Consolidate Content into One Repository
One place for all information and content allows for quick and convenient retrieval.

Use Sophisticated and Functional Content Logging
Includes real-time and historical tracking to generate activity/history audit trails that are simple to view and report.

Assign Record Status in Accordance with Your Business Policies
Uses an independent declaration model.

Consolidate Information
No matter how many digital items you add, Records Studio allows for unlimited information in a single repository, making compliance far easier to manage.