One product that adapts to every electronic content management need

No programming changes.
No lengthy transition periods.
Just an easy match with your company’s existing records system.

Records Studio Compatibility & Flexibility

Records Studio adapts to your company’s existing or proposed enterprise architectures, so you can organize your files without reorganizing your office.

Records Studio:

Works with Your Existing Windows-based Hardware and Software Systems
Installation of Records Studio software creates minimal downtime with no need to upgrade hardware.

Offers the Look, Feel and Usability of Popular Desktop Applications
The Records Studio interface is familiar and intuitive, so your staff has a lower learning curve.

Integrates with Popular Email Systems
Email management seamlessly helps you to manage and archive email messages and attachments.

Provides Convenient, Web-Hosted Records and Information Management
Highly secure and easy to deploy across your entire enterprise, Records Studio reduces the total cost of ownership by offering you the option to access use less of your precious hardware resources.

Delivers Real-Time Content, Document, Records and Information Management Monitoring
Receive instant notification and access to all repository activities you select.

Get Flexible, Secure Document and Record Sharing
Decide who, when and how your files will be accessed.

Lets You Access and Save Records via the Web
Conveniently retrieve records with your organization’s internet browser, directly from your enterprise information management repository.

Includes Comprehensive Security Protocols For ALL Your Information
Including user access rights and privileges.