Our History

The WareITis story goes back more than 80 years.

WareITis is the latest chapter in a story that begins in 1925, when a New York businessman named Sam Blank founded National Brands, which became the world’s largest Anheuser Busch distributor and Florida’s largest institutional wholesale grocer.

As the business grew, Mr. Blank expanded into public and contract warehousing with Seaboard Warehouse Terminals.

Business Records Management and Archive America

Over more than 50 years, Seaboard Warehouse Terminals proficiency expanded rapidly beyond storage into business processes, logistics, inventory management, distribution and more. This range of expertise fit perfectly into a new enterprise, Archive America, which was founded by Sam Blank’s grandson, Andy Blank. Archive America is one of the fastest growing offsite storage and business records management companies in the industry.

AAPartner and the Digital Records Management Challenge

With Archive America, Andy Blank came to understand the records management needs of its many clients. They all faced the difficult task of organizing and administrating enormous volumes of records across locations.

To help clients, Blank oversaw the development of AAPartner – a web-based document management solution that won an industry-wide technology award. Building on this success, Archive America developed a robust product to solve the records management challenges for any business or organization with similar challenges.

Records Studio and WareITis

A new digital records management solution, took document storage and use of knowledge assets to the next level. A new company, WareITis was born. Its flagship product, named RECORDS STUDIO, enables businesses to retain, access and use an unlimited amount of information and records data.